Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ear Contact

It all started with 'eye contact'. When I was between five-ten years of age, I was a very shy kid. Whenever there were guest(s) over at my place, they would ask all sorts of questions 1) What is your name? 2) Which school/standard are you in and the like? I usually looked at the floor and answered the questions in the most feeble dad didn't like what he saw. Once they are gone, dad would train me to look him in the eye and then he would ask me questions for which I have to reply by looking him in the eye with a certain air of confidence. I did that...and I believe it has worked.

Duh...establishing eye contact is a two way street. These days, when I meet someone for the first time, I try my best to establish 'eye contact' and initiate small talk. After the initial few seconds, they start looking at my ears and keep switching from left to right. Maybe they come from the 'ear contact' school of thought! Some go a step further..."is it diamond"? Before I could say "no, it is some cheap stone", they follow it up with another question "Is it solitaire"? Hell No. Curiosity aside, what I wear on my ears is minor part religion, major part vanity....but definitely not for others to establish 'ear contact' :-)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Adam and Steve

Adam was out taking a walk and he was feeling very horny that day. He turns right and Eve is standing there striking a sensuous pose. Adam walks though he did not see anything. He doesn't feel anything, he did not get any naughty thoughts and Eve is left scratching her head.

Hundred steps down the street...there is someone else walking towards Adam. Who is it? It was Steve...their eyes met...they got thoughts and then they got married. Plenty of things happened between their eyes 'meeting' and they getting married..but I do not want to explain all of that. This is story of Adam and Steve : they lived happily ever after.

Fast Forward to today : I wake up in the morning and as usual I go straight for the newspaper...yes it is a little weird. I know many who go for their mobile phones. My dad glances at the newspaper and he goes like this "I am amazed at the amount front page coverage article 377 is getting". I did't pay attention...or...maybe I did and that is why his quotes are here.

I do wish to educate myself more and if I get to read an article by an anthropologist/population scientist, I will be very happy. In my opinion, Article 377 in its own twisted sort of limited way will help in controlling population as the copulation is happening only between the people of same sex. Imagine a world where everyone is a gay or a lesbian. Given the current life expectancy, human race would finish in a span of 100 years as there would be no reproduction. Reproduction - the most important aspect of evolution will not happen. When god made all other species our objectives were to eat and mate. Eat for survival and mate with the opposite sex for the bloodline to go forward. It is a completely different thing that we have evolved, we went to the moon...and did plenty of other things...and I am writing this blog.

From a human rights standpoint I believe it is OK to legalise same sex union but nothing beyond that. Somehow can't understand the posters which read "proud parents of a gay son". Support your son, fine. Aren't the parents in their self-congratulatory mode going overboard?