Monday, July 21, 2008

Sundry Happenings

The importance of being there one? I have not got so much importance in my life like I got on this birthday. At around noon, I even remarked to the girl whom I was on a blind date with once. I was like "it's unbelievable, how many have cared to remember that today is my b'day". She was nonchalant yet didn't spare the chance to enlarge my ego and replied "Vinayakan, you are popular"..Ha!

Online messages (Face book, Orkut & e-mails) : 27. Oh man! Technology is improving our recall ability.
Offline messages : 15+
In person : Could not keep count, pretty much all of my colleagues. What a loser, why should I go to work on my B'day? The good wishes and lots of if compensates.
In person (out on a date) : 1.
E-card : 1.
Total = 50+.
80% of them were from the fairer sex. I repeat I have never got so much importance. From my end...I have tried my best to send a personalised acknowledgement message to everyone.

Then I take my mom to Vasant Kunj to visit our family doctor. Two kids on the bicycle could not hold back their curiosity and they ask "Are you a cricketer?", How long is the pitch? Have you met Sachin? What is your name and more...

Yes, I loved all the attention I got. All of you made me feel special and I really mean it.

The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean - R.L. Stevenson