Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wasting Vs. Investing

OK. So I am going to be writing about doing nothing for one entire day. After close to forty-five days of squeezing thirty hours into a twenty four hour day I want to take a break. I thought the ideal way to recharge my batteries would be to just spend/waste one entire day doing nothing, I mean absolutely nothing other than embracing the blogosphere that too for a short while. Tough ask out of someone who is so hyperactive and restless by nature. I will try it anyway; it might just work as a tonic. The point of relevance here is, just in case I want to spend a day like this sometime in future I will at least have a reference point. Let me introspect as to what makes me squeeze so many activities in a regular day. Why can’t I take it easy for a while? Do I aspire for too many things to happen too soon? I would like to believe, I have the answers. I can not afford to take things easy as I have high expectations out of myself, my life, my job(which I am in love with) and just about everything that touches my life on a day to day basis. When I have high expectations I might as well be prepared to invest a lot of time on my so called ‘high expectations’ future. I might be hinting at ‘man makes his own destiny’. I am no exception; what I sow today will be what I will reap tomorrow in other words choices I make today are my half chances of tomorrow.

As for the other question of aspirations, well ‘how much is too much?’ It obviously means different things to different people. What is too much for person ‘X’ might be too little for me and vice-versa. There are some questions which are better left unanswered, this is one of them. Let me quote Robert Browning here ‘Our aspirations are our capabilities.’