Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fancy Wheels Cometh..

I was at the 8th Auto Expo 2006 in New Delhi. Courtesy a business visitors pass given to me by my dad.

The very fact that marquees like BMW, Porche and Benz was not there was in itself a big let down. To begin with I would like to divide Auto Expo in to some broad categories. Pavilions of auto components companies, truck companies some Bus manufacturers etc., have practically no meaning to me...

Then the Vintage car section, some really cool eye candies out there..

So, lets write about the other 2 categories that interest me the most....The 'cars that are in my reach in near future', and 'cars which are beyond my reach'...The absolute ripper in the 'car in my reach' category is most definitely Fiat Grande Punto..some neat lines and angles, what with Alfa Romeo right on its tail, it was such a crowd puller!! The association of FIAT & TATA Motors, I guess is going to breathe some life into FIAT...who continue to struggle in India even after a sound product line.

'Cars out of my reach category'...none other than Ford Mustang GT...I don't think Ford is going to launch Mustang in India, but if the import duty is eased in another 10 years, then for sure I would be tearing the Delhi's road apart..........