Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boss Tales

Annual performance review time and I really should not be writing this posting unless I want to commit a career limiting move. Let's call my boss Sabu(Diamond comics, Chacha Choudhary anyone..?) I am calling him Sabu with a reason. He has the same hairstyle, pretty much the same built and he is quite disciplined about getting things done. Put Chacha Choudhary's intelligence and Sabus's frame together you have a clear picture in front of your eyes of my boss. The fact that he does not roam around in black underwear like Sabu does is a different story altogether.
Here is a conversation, just when he is getting ready to go home on a foggy winter evening
Vinayakan : Sabu, what is happening with my annual rating?
Sabu : Do you fancy a good rating?
Vinayakan : Oh sure I fancy(under my breath, like I have always fancied Bo Derek)
Sabu : Not in so many clear words "we will discuss this later"
Vinayakan : Threatening tone "Boss you better tell me what it is now, or you will be risking a broken window pane, before you get home"

Jokes apart and ignore the word Sabu. This a real conversation that happened between me and my boss. How many bosses have spine enough to create this kind of an atmosphere? or how many even try to sincerely create one? Rare breed indeed. I am lucky and yes I am going to make the most of it.