Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Damn...can't get my head around this quintessential bollywood monologue. "Main tumhare bacche ki maan ban ne waali hoon". It is not 'hamarey' (our), it is 'tumhare' (your) and this word is the the bone of contention. It is a monologue as it renders the guy speechless killing all possibilities of a dialogue. It is sort of an ultimate weapon in a girl's arsenal...there is no come back line. Here is my attempt to stand up for the mankind. I believe both the parties had the fun...then why is the blame shifted on to the guy here completely?

Girl speak : "Main tumaharey bacche ki maan ban ne waali hoon"
Guy speak : "Nahin, Main tumharey bacche ka baap ban ne waala hoon"
Give me break...whose baccha is it anyway? Let the kid have a say in it.
Kid speak : "You guys have all the fun and now I am not able to decide whether aap mere maan/baap ban ne waale ho ki nahin"?