Saturday, May 03, 2008

~Mind Smoke~

Yes, I mind if you smoke. I am a selfish guy, I love my well being and I am not particularly fond of passive smoking. I am not going to tell you to stop smoking, because a smoker's mind is so clouded by nicotine that has gone into the system that it impairs the mind from heeding sane advise. Added to that, I am yet to come across a smoker who is sensitive to the non-smokers around.

When I have to just move away from my desk to take my eyes off the screen, I look for someone to give me company. And when I look around, I see smokers. Then it is trade-off time. Eyes or lungs? If it is a bad day for my eyes, I stay put at the desk otherwise a small portion of my lung(s) is sacrificed to rest my eyes.

Every smoker picks up the butt by seeing someone else in action. These days, I see plenty pick up cigarettes once they start working....I feel sad and somewhat disappointed because usually a person is past 20 years of age when going to the workplace for the first time. And at that age, you are easily past 'young impressionable age' category. Is it peer pressure? Probably. Peer pressure can make people do some really shocking things..why..even I picked up blogging to tell one of my journalist friend that "you don't really need to go to the journalism school to take up writing". She writes far better than I do and the fact that my blogging has evolved into an idle Sunday afternoon hobby are separate discussion points.