Saturday, October 11, 2008

Phone Bill, IQ & the 'S' Word

First up, it's not about Sex. Definitely not.

Intelligence, mobile phone bill & sperm quality - they all are interrelated.

I read this "Intelligent men have best sperms". Taking it a step further, the researcher says "All things held equal, good sperm and good brains go together". In line with this, I have put forward a new theory, which is applicable only to my age group (+/- 5 years), it is a little offensive so please please ignore it: "Lower the IQ higher the phone bill". Higher mobile phone bill affects your brain as well as your sperm quality. Last I checked around 3 years ago, I had an IQ of 126. Not sure which direction it has gone now as I started using a mobile phone about 2 years ago but I have managed to keep the bill low.

In between I compartmentalized and I took time out to lust about Nandita Das and Sarah Palin. What an achievement....Guys and girls please give me feedback on my taste.

Question of the decade for all the movie buffs: What is Sholay's saddest scene? Did you say "Basanti in paagal kutthon ke samne math nachna" : NO.
Or Thankur's entire family getting killed : NO.
The answer : "Thakur ki shaadi nahin hui thi aur gabbar ne uske dono haath bhi kaat diye". Wicked, isn't it?

And how can I forget Kareena Kapoor after her success with Jab we met. Good movie! What really surprises me is, I know at least 5 girls who believe the character played by Kareena is within them but not 1 guy who relates to Shahid one even wants to be him. Hats off to the script writer.

This is for all the girls. A wise man said "when you are dating, don't get swayed by what a guy says to you, just look for the things he does, and that will tell you volumes about whether the guy truly loves you or not".

Last but not the least, 'thank you' Anonymous for egging me on. I have not stopped writing nor was it a case of 'writer's block'. It was just a question of publishing the stuff that I had written. May be you can call it "publishing block".