Friday, February 27, 2009

Stereotype Theory

Put yourselves in my position: When guys my age are spending hundreds, going to fancy salons to get the hip hairdo, I am going to Dr. Batra's clinic, spending thousands to retain whatever is left on my head! The governing Indian societal stereotype theory "a guy must not loose his crown before marriage". You know what...I love the girls of today, they are so easy going and progressive. There is no dearth of verbal assurance and it goes somewhat like this --> "Vinna don't worry...we care more about what is inside the head than what is covering it on the outside. Even otherwise, the bald look lends you maturity, which you probably don't have otherwise". Aha! the joke is on me, this way or that way.

Somewhere in between job enrichment sneaked in....Meet the Doctor who is treating me at Dr. Batra's. Perhaps she has seen so many middle aged men sit in front of her and sulk over the lost 'crown' that she has become more of a psychiatrist than a hair fall expert that she was not too long ago. She is like "Mr. Aiyer, you must understand, there are seven stages of balding and you are in stage five". I jumped from my seat and said "wow, I am almost there!". Gods must be we age, hair grows from almost everywhere else except for its right full place. Don't blame the men, the society puts so much pressure on them and all of us to look young all the time. The pot belly, receding hairline...sigh the list is long.

As for girls, go to any of the PVRs, South Ex., GK-I/II etc. It looks as though the city is under attack, everyone looks the same...dare if I may ask, do you all come in an assembly line from a make up/sunglasses factory?

Psst...I have started working out again.