Saturday, April 25, 2009

Warming Up

"Stop Global Warming. It is a threat to people who like to chill out. Let's stand up against Global Warming for all mankind and my kind. So, be fair and don't warm the chair"

I read the above lines on appy FIZZ label and I am totally taken. It seems, appy FIZZ guys have done their homework...if you are going to sell a beverage you first have to sell the bottle.

It is timely as my taste buds are rejecting the stale taste of coke & whisky/rum combination. Nothing against this combination...just I have had it far too many times and I am done with it. I said to myself, let me experiment and whip out a new drink. Rum and whisky somehow doesn't taste right with appy FIZZ but you really got to try Vodka with appy FIZZ. I have not known many guys who would name Vodka as their first drink of choice, so this is really not for you to consume. Make this drink for your.....xXx....As for the really bright ones out there, try not to ask for vodka + appy FIZZ (or any aerated apple juice) at the bar...I haven't and I probably will not for the fear of the bartender backlash.

Look at the appy FIZZ in a wine glass...and it is hard to tell whether it is sparkling wine or appy FIZZ. Oh, consider having a few wine bottles in your collection...drinking wine is good and you don't need a mixer at all.