Sunday, January 27, 2008

Choice is Yours

I can't see people in pain even if it is out of their own making. Ha ha... do I sound like Father Teresa?

Often we all run into people who just complain. Complaints about relationships, complaints about jobs/careers/colleagues, complaints about power cuts, potholes, corruption. When face-to-face with these complaints, I am helpless and I really have not succeeded in doing much other than being a patient listener/friend. These complaints, to my mind stems from some sort of dissatisfaction. Will we ever realise, we have the power to change, we have the power to choose and turn things around big and small?

The most common complaint I hear is about an 'inefficient system' because of politicians. A wise man once said "A government is nothing but a mass reflection of the people it represents". I am surprised how such an off-the-cuff remark can can be so true! There are so many people I know who just complain about the government and don't ever go out and cast their vote. I was hardest hit when one of them turns out to be my best friend. His refrain being, "I pay taxes so I have every right to complain, whether I vote or not is irrelevant". I am so sure he is one of the many millions out there who say the same thing. It is like saying "I will have sex and produce kids but their upbringing is not my responsibility". I am definitely not trying to equate sex with paying taxes but I am just making up an extreme example. Friends - this one goes out for you all > imagine, if your parents said this to you when you were born...

Point being, you don't have the moral authority to complain about the 'system' if you don't vote. To set right the 'inefficiency in the system' you have to contribute and the contribution is your vote. When it comes to voting, I have been voting for only one party. Over here, my thoughts do not have any tilt to any political party. I am just requesting all of you to go ahead exercise your most basic choice in a democratic country. And that choice is to vote. It is important because your 'choice' decides whether India is a functional or a dysfunctional democracy.
REALISE ---> It takes two to Tango. Pay your taxes and cast your vote. Voting is important because it determines how effectively your tax money will be spent. At the risk of over simplifying, the tax you pay is your hard earned money. You obviously don't want your hard work to go to waste.

Below are some common lines I hear from my 'educated-yet-will-remain-illiterate' friends and acquaintances. Goes without saying, I am not the one to keep quiet after hearing it.

* "I don't vote because there is no one worth voting" -- [I say] This so reeks of lack of willingness to take responsibility of the situation. Isn't it?
* "My single vote is not going to make any difference" -- [I say] "Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean" anyone?
* Corollary of the above "India will not become USA or a developed country by just me voting" -- [I say] USA is USA and developed countries are developed because at some level they have more people who don't think like you. They have more 'do-ers' than 'talkers'.

Call me names, accuse me of having a loudmouth. I openly challenge anyone who can convince me why voting is a bad idea and why one should not vote.

Sun is Sun, Earth is Earth and India is India, but my dying wish - We must not be a country full of people who keep moaning and do nothing.

"Ask not what your country can do for you
ask what you can do for your country"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Rolled Over By

As the holiday season rolls by every year, I am sure most of us are bombarded by Happy Diwali, Merry X'mas & Happy New Year et cetera messages (particularly SMSs). I have been waiting since 31st December morning hoping against hope that someone out of the 150 odd people I have in my phone book will send me a personalised message. Nobody did. I concede, sending one general message is the easy thing to do and typing a personalised message can be extremely tedious for everyone. I can't help but get the feeling that we all are becoming increasingly impersonal and technology just compounds the whole thing. That said, all the messages wish me good health, success & happiness. I am surprised to learn that there are so many well wishers for me out there for me.

My New Year Resolution : Spread happiness, love & never type *one* message and send it to all the people in the phone book.

Just Personalise IT.